Monday, August 10, 2009

Obama's Middle East Peace Plan Coverage

"Barack Obama is close to revealing plan for Middle East peace" Times Online , By James Hider and Tim Reid (5/8/2009): “...In the coming weeks, their plan will be formulated and presented to the parties,” Mr Barak told the parliamentary foreign and defence committee. “I believe that Israel must take the lead in accepting the plan...” No details were released, although it is thought that the plan is based on an Arab initiative whereby Israel would gain recognition from the Arab world in return for the creation of a Palestinian state... It is thought that the plan will have a broader regional approach than previous peace efforts, and will include the participation of Syria, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon.The Palestinian leadership refuses to resume negotiations until all settlement construction ceases... "Obama's faltering peace drive" The Guardian, By Simon Tisdall (27/7/2009): ...Obama's peace drive, like some other of his flagship policies, has faltered. Now the Americans are publicly making nice while continuing to press hard in private. US envoy George Mitchell stressed the enduring strength of bilateral friendship. Defence secretary Robert Gates is offering security reassurance in talks on missile defence and Iran. Meanwhile, a deal on freezing Jewish settlement construction for a fixed, possibly six-month period, with the exception of 700 buildings now under construction, is reportedly edging closer – although no announcements are expected this week.The response from the Arab neighbours and the Palestinians to any such deal will be crucial if Obama is to achieve negotiating lift-off... "U.S. Wants Israel to Freeze Settlements For Year - Report" Reuters (6/8/2009) "Saudis reject call for Israel Ties" Al Jazeera (1/8/2009)