Sunday, December 20, 2009

”Iran can now produce nuclear bomb”, The Jerusalem Post.

By Rebecca Anna Stoil (08/12/2009)

"In the last year, two things have happened: Iran has advanced its military nuclear program, and Iran has lost its legitimacy in the eyes of the international community," Netanyahu told the committee, adding that preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear capabilities was Israel's "central problem."

"Our highest interest is in preventing Iran's [nuclear] armament," he said.

To that end, Netanyahu added, "there is coordination with America regarding Iran - information and intensive assessment - and diplomatic coordination cannot be ruled out." He did, however note that "it is not clear if cooperation by Russia and China against Iran will continue, but at this time, we do have an agreement."

"The use of the Internet and Twitter against the Iranian regime is a great thing," said Netanyahu. "In past years, Iran was portrayed as an unpleasant regime, but today there is deep hatred on the part of part of the Iranian nation against the regime. It is trickling out and constitutes a very important resource for the State of Israel."

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