Monday, July 6, 2009

Hezbollah Can Hit Tel Aviv with 600 Rockets Daily, for 60 Days: Maariv Calm on the Lebanese Palestinian border does not necessarily involve good news for Israel, a report published by the Israeli daily Maariv said on Friday. The report addresses the growing capacity of Hezbollah in Lebanon, three years after the 2006 war. The journal emphasized that Hezbollah is tremendously magnifying its military capacities and compiling new combative techniques in addition to a remarkable increase in the number of its fighters and trainers. The Maariv report pointed that Hezbollah is seeking to reach a level of capability that would enable it to launch a thousand rockets on “Israel” during a 60-day period of time. Citing Israeli intelligence assessments, the Israeli daily also estimated that the party was close to reaching this level of capacity as it can today send between 500 and 600 rockets a day to Tel Aviv and surrounding areas. The report added that unlike the rockets fired during the 2006 war, Hezbollah’s present rockets are mostly long-range and mid-range missiles and in case a new war breaks out, the daily said, the center of “Israel” will be targeted with salvos of such rockets. Maariv’s report also said that Hezbollah has spread its rockets in a more complicated manner for Israel to figure out, as most of them are heavier caliber rockets, more precise and longer in range. The number of trained fighters, the report says, has increased from 5000 to 8000 well trained fighters... Click here for full story

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